JOHN DAY RIVER – Guided Trips for Steelhead

The John Day River is one of the longest free flowing rivers in the lower 48, it’s 248 miles long and drains most of eastern and Central Oregon. Its ruggedness, remoteness and natural beauty make the John Day a world class fishing and boating destination. 

Many think of the John Day for its prodigious steelhead runs – the largest summer steelhead returns in the Columbia River Basin, and perhaps the largest run of wild steelhead in the Lower 48. I’ll say it again—there are more summer steelhead in the John Day River Basin than any other river entering the Columbia River!

Fall Steelhead Trips

For our purposes, steelhead fishing begins in mid-October and lasts through November, depending on weather and flows. John Day Steelhead readily take a swung fly; many like to skate them up before water temps cool below 50 degrees. We typically fish floating or intermediate lines with 5, 6 or 7 weight rods. A day of swinging flies on the JD is typically peaceful, with little competition for good runs and willing fish.  These are float trips and typically run dawn to dusk.  The price is $700 for one or two anglers. Lunch is modest, snacks, coffee and beverages are provided.