Deschutes Fly Fishing Steelhead Report 9/7

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  There’s a big fire west of Hood River and the visibility is greatly affected by the smoke.  I’ve been on the river every day for the last ten days and now I’m off for four days.  Fishing has been pretty good depending on the aggregate angling pressure.  An average day trip is one or two chances, yesterday we got five and landed three, even I got to catch one.  I am currently booked until October and will continue to fish the Deschutes into the early fall. After the 13th of October I am taking a short vacation over to the Snake River to fish with some friends.  My plan is to fish the Klickitat mid October through the close December 1st.  I will continue to take trips on the Deschutes if there is a demand.

Please contact me with any questions, tight line!

Sam Sickles


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