Below are the most asked questions that clients have about my services.
If you have other questions, please call at 541-400-0855 and I’d be happy to answer them.

You’ll need to provide one. In Oregon and Washington, fishing guides are not licensed dealers for ODFW or WDFW licenses. For an Oregon license please click link below:


For a Washington license to fish the Klickitat River  please click link below: 


If you’re fishing for just a day or up to three days, Oregon has all-inclusive licenses you can purchase that allow you to fish for all species and include a harvest card for salmon/steelhead.

If buying an annual license, you will need a angling license only for trout, shad, or bass. If you want to fish for steelhead you will need a license AND a salmon/steelhead tag. In addition, if you are fishing any Columbia basin rivers for steelhead with us (Deschutes, Sandy or Klickitat River) you will also need a Columbia Basin endorsement tag.

We do this for you! All boaters on the Deschutes are required to get a boater pass. Clients are required to be the group leaders on the pass, so we may ask you for info like address, date of birth and an email to set up the pass properly.

(We only need one designated group leader for the pass and may ask for an alternate group leader as well.)

Weather in Oregon can vary considerably. We highly recommend that you connect with us regarding your specific trip to ensure you’re properly outfitted for your trip’s timing and location.

I love helping beginners! We all had to start there. Anglers of ALL skill levels are welcome. I will be happy to help you tune your casting and fly fishing skills wherever you are at.

I do provide some equipment, however, there are some things that you should bring.  I have provide Lists for Equipment Recommendations depending on the trip option that you book. Please let me know ahead of time if you need equipment.




I putting the most positive spin on it when I say that my fly fishing skills are… ‘a little rusty.’ Last time I can remember fly fishing was decades ago with my Dad on a coastal stream called Lost Creek south of Newport, Oregon. So, I am grateful to have had Sam Sickles as my coach on this amazing day fishing trip on the lower Deschutes River. He’s on it most days of the year, so Sam knows the river, it’s history, status, and the best places along it for catching trout and steelheads. He cooks up some great hand urges and he’s a heck of a lot of fun too.