In a not so far away country known as Washington lies the Klickitat River, the gem of the Columbia River Gorge. Historically known for its prolific Spring Salmon and mighty Summer Steelhead, the “Klick” is now home to several groups of anadromous fish.

Most Klickitat Steelhead are “two salt”, averaging 8-10 pounds but smaller and larger fish are not uncommon. For us this is a Fall fishery. Freezing levels need to be under 10,000 feet for the Klickitat to be suitable for swing fly fishing. In the Fall you will find summer steelhead, fall chinook as well as coho salmon. We target steelhead but catch an occasional salmon or two.

The canyon section of the Klickitat is one of the most beautiful settings you will find fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

The Klickitat opens on June 1 and closes December 1st. A Washington fishing license and steelhead tag are required as well as a Washington sales tax. Our rate is $700 per day.

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