Guided Fly Fishing Trips for Steelhead and Trout in 2018

2018 Steelhead Outfitters Menu

Happy belated New Year!  Best wishes to you and your families in 2018. Below is my annual menu/timeline for what’s going on at Steelhead Outfitters in 2018. I’ll have this attached to the very few emails I send out this year.

Please feel free to text, email or call to lock in a date for a guided trip. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sam Sickles
(541) 400-0855

Fly-Fishing for Winter Steelhead

Sandy River, OR.  Usually I find a way to score a December fish but the timing, the weather and the holidays didn’t quite work out for me. I did however start my winter steelhead season on the Sandy River yesterday (January 4).  The river is in great shape and there are some nice bright fish around (pictured above).  Fishing is generally good from the first of the year on but is very weather dependent.  The most consistent dates for winter steelhead on the Sandy are mid-February through the first week in April.  All guided trips are run from Dodge Park down to Oxbow or Dabney and these are full-day trips.  Winter steelhead fishing is the Mount Everest of fly fishing but we expect an opportunity or two daily and the fish are spectacular.  Cost is $350/$500 for one or two anglers, two angler max.  A modest lunch is included.

Clackamas River, OR.  Due to special demand I plan to run several Clackamas jet boat trips this season as well.  Cost for this trip is $500 for one or two, a third angler can be accommodated for an additional $250.  Jetboat trips begin at Riverside Park or Carver Park and last 6-8 hours, a modest lunch is included.

The Famed Salmonfly Hatch, Deschutes River, OR
Deschutes Trout Multi-Day Trip.  This is a three day drift boat trip during the Salmonfly/Stonefly hatch on the lower Deschutes.  Easily the most popular trip on the Deschutes River. We’ll spend three days and two nights on the river fishing really big dry flies to very eager fish. Our camp moves ahead of us each day making sure everything is in order when we arrive.
This trip includes tents, cots, meals, rods and flies if you need them. The salmon fly hatch usually gets going in early May and starts to fade the last week. Cost is $450 per angler per day 2 angler minimum.  Call me to book this trip.
Deschutes Trout Single-Day Trip.  We offer single day trout trips starting in April. Cost is $500 for one or two and these trips will be from Warm Spring to Trout Creek, The Maupin Stretch or Jet Boat trips from the mouth.

Summer Steelhead Deschutes River, OR
Single-Day Trips.  Single day trips are a popular option for those who don’t want to camp. On a “day trip” you can expect to fish the best runs on the lower Deschutes River at the best times of day.  I run a 21′ Willie Predator and can accommodate up to four anglers. I take beginners as well as experts and carry a full quiver of spey rods and a large variety of steelhead flies. Wader rentals are available. Lunch and water is provided. Rates are $300 per angler plus BLM boaters pass fee. My goal is to put three anglers in the boat each day. I have several single anglers, so if you need another angler I can accommodate.
Steelhead Camp (3 day)  This is my signature trip and is the best representation of what the lower Deschutes fishery is.  In total, anglers fish two evenings and two mornings with one uninterrupted day of fishing.  Naps are available mid-day or not.  Additional days are available as well. I prefer three anglers on this trip but can accommodate four.  If you are a group larger than four I would need to secure another qualified Deschutes powerboat guide so the farther in advance I know, the better the chances to accommodate.
This is a camp trip which includes meals, tents, cots, sleeping pads, fishing equipment; waders and boots are available for rent. The majority of my camp dates are “standing dates” but every year there is an opportunity or two to find a spot. Typically Steelhead Camp happens in the middle of August and in the middle of September. My rate is $1275 per angler, three angler minimum, if you are a single or a double I can match you up. Additional days are $425 per angler.

Klickitat River, WA 
I’ve been fishing the Klick since 2005, and although the out of state guide fee is steep, I felt it was worth it for this river.  The Klick is not an easy place to catch a steelhead but they are bigger and badder than their upriver relatives.  Access is good and there are several floats including the wild and scenic section.  These are steelhead swing trips and we’ll be using spey rods.  Nymph fishing in between swing spots is pretty common on the Klickitat and I can accommodate. The Klickitat River is open June 1st through November, but I am available June and November only.  Pricing is $500 for one or two anglers plus WA sales tax of 7.5%. A Washington fishing license is required.

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