Trout Fishing

Fly Fishing Report, May 30, 2020 -Trout

Fishing has been incredible since we got back to work May 21st. The Salmon Flies and Golden Stones are pretty much done but it was fun while it lasted. In certain spots fish will still eat the big bugs but it’s pretty much over. What is happening is everything else. By everything I mean Sallies, Caddis, PMD’s, and any day now, some Green Drakes.

The dry fly fishing has been really good in the right spots and the nymph fishing is well… well it’s stupid easy. I see conditions remaining the same until July. 

I spent a few hours swinging soft hackles last week. It was a rainy day and many fish were caught but the big ones eluded me. With all the caddis swarming right now soft hackles will work best early and late in the day. I haven’t swung the big bugs much lately but same deal, early and late. Look for big time feeding activity in the evenings and morning as it gets hotter out.

If nymphing is your game, the big weighted rubber legs are still being inhaled in most spots, dropper fly gets eaten infrequently. Late in the afternoon fish prefer the dropper fly, I still fish the big bug for it’s weight but two small flies would double you luck. Don’t be afraid to fish some large green drake nymphs, they’re around and fish are keyed up for them. 

When you are fishing keep an eye on the birds. When the gulls show up and look like they are feeding on bugs, picking them off the water look for the green drakes. If the green drakes come off switch immediately, the fish will be on them. If you are floating on the river, pull over immediately. 

Enjoy the month of June because we’re off to steelhead in July!

Tight lines,